What is a hospital-grade breast pump?

Moms want to know. What is a hospital-grade breast pump?

There are lots of terms out there about breast pumps and hospital-grade is one that comes up a lot. It is important to know that the FDA does not recognize or regulate the use of this term. There isn’t a consistent definition for hospital-grade per the FDA’s consumer alert, “Breast Pumps: Don’t Be Misled – Get the Facts, http://www.fda.gov. The term came about when insurors were differentiating between hospital or rental pumps and personal pumps. Instead, the FDA recognizes the terms multi-user breast pump or single-user breast pump. Multi-user pumps are used in hospitals and for rentals while single-user pumps are meant for personal use and should not be shared.

What should I look for in a multi-user breast pump?

Multi-user pumps can be used by many moms as long as they use their own breast pump kit. There are a variety of multi-user breast pumps on the market and some are better than others, especially if you are:
• establishing your milk supply with a breast pump
• have a preterm baby
• have low milk supply issues
• are short on time for pumping sessions

If you have any of these issues, look for a multi-user breast pump that has a study to back up their claims of establishing and maintaining your milk supply.

What other features should I look for when I am renting a multi-user breast pump?
• multiple flange sizes
• a pumping kit with a closed system that separates the tubing air from the breast milk
• multiple speed and suction settings to customize your pumping sessions for your body