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Frequent Questions

Q: What is a hospital-grade breast pump?

A:  Click here for an explanation of what a hospital-grade breast pump is.

Q: How quickly can I receive my breast pump rental?

A: We include free FedEx Ground Shipping for orders and ship within 1 business day of your online order.  Renters of breast pumps are responsible for paying the return shipping on pumps and should send all returns with a tracking number.


Q: Do you accept early returns on pump rentals?

A: We do not give refunds on pump rentals if they are returned for any reason within agreed upon rental term.

Q: How will I pay for additional months if I decide to keep the breast pump?

A: With your pump rental you will receive a rental contract that you will return to Carolina Breast Pump with credit card information so we can charge you additional months if you decide to keep the breast pump.

Q: I have a personal (non-hospital grade) Ameda or Ardo breast pump that I purchased or received through my insurance company and it came with a kit (bottles, flanges and tubing).  Do I still need to purchase another kit if I want to rent a hospital grade pump?

A: If you have a kit you do not need to buy another one as long as you rent the same brand manufacture.

Q. What does it mean when I see the “Check Kit” light on the Ameda Platinum breast pump?

A: The light is notifying the user that there may be a leak in the tubing, bottles or flanges.  Please check your pump connections and turn the pump off and back on again to reset.


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Please contact us with any questions your may have regarding our Ameda or Ardo multi-user hospital grade breast pump rental service.

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